Vignesh SV

A few lines about me

Hailing from Chennai, India, Vignesh is a young, optimistic software engineer with an earnest desire to inculcate the right morals into people with his writings. Writing was his hobby since he was 15 and began scribbling friendship proposals and greeting cards. But after his friends & family recognized his talent, that encouraged him to write novels. His debut novel ‘Adventures of Dollar Right’ was born and published by Authorspress in 2016 and his second novel ‘Rebirth of Love in 2060’ was born and published by Creative Coach in 2017.
He has shown his talent in various fields like drama, dance, writing poems and short stories, etc for which he was able to grab some awards. He is multi talented and a prodigy when it comes to his writing skills. He procured many prizes in his schools and college. He is not only a person who expresses his emotions through his writing, but also a person who is very friendly and with whom you can be open and can always share your views. Being an idealist by nature, Vignesh has this fire in him to leave a message for the society through his books, which he plans to pen down in the near future.
You can contact me at me@vigneshsv.com.

Thank you.

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