Adventures of Dollar Right

Adventures of Dollar Right

Book Information:

Book Name: Adventures of Dollar Right
Publisher: Authorspress
Format: Paperback
Publication year: 2016
ISBN – 10:  9352073258
ISBN – 13:  978-9352073252
Pages: 101

Book Description:

Even a most faithful friend might go away when misunderstanding pops into their friendship. Dollar Right, the most innovative and creative boy who plans and does his work to keep his daily life interesting. Bash, the strong boy who hits and then speaks. Repy, the intelligent and brilliant girl who thinks twice before doing anything. This is all about these three friends, who are just the teenagers managing to win some competitions and ending up to be the saviours of the world. Later under some unavoidable circumstances these three gets separated due to misunderstanding. From nothing to lose situation, Dollar Right manages to stand at the edge of the world and comes back with few adventures to save his friends and save the world. How he is coming out of his own trouble and how he is going to make his friends understand is the story all about.


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